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Possibility, Passion & Heroic Potential


Posted by Ramesh Goonetilleke on 05/31/12

Chevrolet, Manchester United and One World Futbol Project Bring the Joy of Soccer and Play to Youth Worldwide

This is a rag ball. When children play football in many parts of the world, this is their ball. And, this was the inspiration for the One World Futbol Project.

On May 31, 2012, we came together, with Chevrolet and Manchester United, to take this inspiration to a whole new level. On a stage in Shanghai, our team at the One World Futbol Project welcomed Chevrolet as the Founding Sponsor of the One World Futbol Project. On this day, Chevrolet announced their global commitment to international soccer, which includes a sponsorship of not only the One World Futbol Project, but also of Manchester United, the world’s most popular soccer club. And with that announcement, we joined more than 659 million dedicated Manchester United fans and followers as well as the rest of the world’s 3.5 billion lovers of football, in celebrating the power of play and the new energy, spirit and access that Chevrolet brings to the “Beautiful Game.”

As a team, we now share something greater than a sponsorship, much more than a partnership. Our combined efforts demonstrate that good ideas and inspirations have a life of their own, and it takes a team of leaders to make them real. Together, we celebrate possibility, passion and heroic potential – all things which Chevrolet, Manchester United and the One World Futbol Project hope to inspire in others.

We are grateful for the fact that Chevrolet is making it possible for I.5 million One World Futbols to be part of improving the quality of life, keeping hope alive and sustaining our single greatest natural resource, the spirit and soul of our children. With more than one billion children worldwide living in war zones, refugee camps and abject poverty, the 1.5 million Chevy-branded One World Futbols are a tremendous starting point, bringing the joy of play to youth around the world and helping to heal and rebuild communities impacted by war, disasters and poverty. Through our combined beliefs and efforts, we can positively influence more lives with the simple power of a durable ball.

Though many of you may be meeting us for the first time, we’re not your average “rookie.” Since launching less than two years ago in Johannesburg during the 2010 World Cup, the One World Futbol has had a positive impact on more than 525,000 children in 137 countries.

As a team, we can accomplish things together that we could never do on our own. We will learn new things and together we can show the world that having healthier, happier, more hopeful human beings as a driving force, forever changes the definition of “success”, expands its meaning and the way it should be measured.

By being bold, brash and entrepreneurial, the Chevrolet of today has actually found common ground with itself because they had to be all of those things when they set up shop 101 years ago.

It’s the power of play that brought Manchester United, the One World Futbol Project and Chevrolet together and we invite everyone in the world to join the team. The beautiful game will be even more beautiful when everyone has a chance to play their part in helping youth around the world make their daring dreams for tomorrow happen today.

With the power of play and the blessings it brings!

Tim Jahnigen

Part of the One World Futbol Project
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