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Idan Saitowitz Bar Mitzvah

Raised One World Futbols for Idan's Bar Mitzvah [...]

How We’re Making a Difference

I’ve just turned 12 years old and since I was born, a ball and sport have always been a huge part of my daily life and my happiness. When I'm playing, I'm never sad or lonely. I could even kick and bounce a ball before I could run! (In fact, while most kids fall asleep with a cuddly fluffy toy – I used to have a soft ball in my crib).
Sport has forever been my passion.
Playing with balls has also taught me very important social skills, enabled me to meet and connect to many different people and has created amazing opportunities for me to build more confidence and strength.
Through play, I have made my very best friendships, I have joined and become part of teams, I get to travel Israel and play matches in different cities where I get to learn so much and I have overcome my own struggles that have helped me grow. Every summer, I get to make new memories and participate in soccer camp and it is always so fun and exciting!
Unfortunately, as I get older, I'm more and more aware and upset that not every child has this "basic" luxury - the chance to play.
I know I am very blessed to have an incredible loving family, a safe home, belong to a supportive and warm community, I have a great group of friends and I proudly represent my soccer team which gives me a lot of purpose, pride and fulfillment.
Today, what often appears completely normal is sadly not the case at all for so many children and youth around the world and here in Israel. Children everywhere are trying to overcome such huge challenges and obstacles, illness and poverty, war and danger, unsafe homes and hunger. I realize more and more how fortunate I am and how the simple pleasures in life add so much joy, value and happiness to some really hard, dark and painful days.
That’s why in the year leading up to my Barmitzvah, I have decided to partner with the amazing One World Play Project.
This unbelievable project created the unpoppable One World Futbol as a solution for ALL KIDS living in very harsh conditions where standard soccer balls don’t last long. Their global work, helping millions of children, has shown just how powerful play is, not just for the millions of youth around the world living in suffering but for all of us.
Play is in our DNA— it is a need as important as food, medicine and shelter. It’s an intrinsic part of our lives, regardless of geography or culture, and through play we become stronger individuals, build better communities and create a more positive future. And that’s what I really hope and pray for every single day – a brighter and better world for every child.
I love play, I feel the benefits and I want to do something to make a meaningful difference that I know will directly help children everywhere.
Here’s how it works.
Instead of raising funding, I am raising experiences. I need your help so that we can bring play and smiles to so many faces. All the balls we raise will be donated directly to charitable organizations and causes close to my heart right here in Israel.
This will include children at risk in special homes and programs, communities in need, children in areas that experience severe trauma during war, and children with special needs & disabilities. I am going to be working with the awesome Josh The Sports Rabbi right here in Israel to ensure that all the balls are donated responsibly as part of the weekly programs he so brilliantly oversees three times a week for so many kids in Israel who are thriving because of play! Josh works with incredible organizations and schools, Educating for Excellence and the Special Olympics.
Together, we will make a direct impact because I really believe that everyone deserves to play.
Thank you so much for sharing in my mission.
With love,
Idan Saitowitz

Campaign Highlights

Through this campaign, I raised 23 One World Futbols.

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One World Futbols raised


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23 raised Goal 20
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