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Campaign: Never A Neverland


Never A Neverland

Never A Neverland is using the power of story to raise One World Futbols for youth in Swaziland. [...]

How We're Making a Difference

Never A Neverland (NNL) is a documentary film designed to utilize the power of story to move audiences toward actions which benefit and empower the beautiful people of Swaziland.

Swaziland is a kingdom in Africa with less than a million people, 1/3 of whom are orphaned or vulnerable children left to fend for themselves. It has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world, which is moving the tiny country toward extinction.

But since Swaziland is so small, a solution is possible.

Through this campaign, we are raising ultra-durable One World Futbols for our partners who work with youth in disadvantaged communities in Swaziland: Sesikhona Foundation, Gigi’s Place, Adventures In Missions (Children’s HopeChest), The Luke Commission and The Thirst Project.

We believe that play and the One World Futbol — a soccer ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured — can help bridge connections between these partners and the communities in which they work. Play can help the orphans and vulnerable children of Swaziland cope with the challenging situations they face. Play enables hope, optimism and opportunity. In play, every child is a superhero.

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Campaign Highlights

Through this campaign, we raised 281 One World Futbols for the orphans and vulnerable children of Swaziland.

Making a Difference
One Ball at a Time


One World Futbols raised


Estimated number of children
receiving the joy of play

278 raised Goal 500

Campaign Supporters

Brian Ellis gave 1 One World Futbols

Christopher Graten gave 1 One World Futbols

Victoria Le gave 1 One World Futbols

Andrea Maynard gave 1 One World Futbols

Zachary Dykstra gave 1 One World Futbols

Ainsworth Elementary School, Ainsworth, Ia., U.S.A gave 1 One World Futbols

Karisa Price gave 1 One World Futbols

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