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Campaign: The Chigumukire Project


The Chigumukire Project

Raised One World Futbols for youth in Malawi. [...]

How We're Making a Difference

The Chigumukire Project operates as a nonprofit, grassroots, community-based, volunteer-driven, organizational initiative. It aims to create, develop, support, track and supervise sustainable “critical life value” development projects (such as primary school education; sports; and health awareness for HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) in one of Malawi’s poorest communities.

The Chigumukire Project impacts the lives of more than 1,200 people living below the poverty line in the rural fishing village of Chigumukire, Senga Bay, Malawi. Currently, the initiative’s primary goal is to enrich “on-time” primary school student enrollment. As such, the organization has set off to build a junior primary school block for the Standard 1 to 4 learners.

One of the components is to develop a sports program, and we need One World Futbols. (The ones The Chigumukire Project gets locally don’t last for more than a week, and they’re expensive.) The One World Futbol is a soccer ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, allowing children to play on without worrying about finding a pump or breaking the ball. This unique ball will enable the children who receive it to continue playing and experiencing the transformative power of play for years to come.

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Campaign Highlights

Through this campaign, The Chigumukire Project raised 27 One World Futbols and $135.

Making a Difference
One Ball at a Time


One World Futbols raised


Estimated number of children
receiving the joy of play

26 raised Goal 25

Campaign Supporters

Aaron Holdmeyer gave 1 One World Futbols

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