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Campaigns Program Terms & Conditions

Campaigns Program Terms & Conditions

Thanks for signing up to run a One World Play Project campaign! We’re excited to support you as you share the joy of play with those who need it most. As you prepare for your big game — er, campaign — here are a few notes from our playbook.


If you selected “I’ll choose and deliver,” at the end of your campaign, we will ship the donated balls to one location within the continental U.S. or Europe. Then, you will be responsible for distribution. If you’re looking to give the balls internationally, we suggest you carry them with you as you travel. 15 size 5 One World Futbols fit in a large duffel bag.

If you selected “One World Play Project will choose and deliver,” we’ll distribute the donated balls to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities around the world. After we’ve done so, we’ll let you know which country the balls went to.

Where can you give your One World Futbols?

We donate One World Futbols to organizations, programs and volunteers around the world who bring the power of play to disadvantaged communities to foster social good. The One World Futbols are meant to be a shared community resource; the balls should not be given as gifts to individuals.

We do give the balls to religious organizations but not religious organizations that proselytize individuals. One World Futbols will be kept separate from proselytizing or political messaging, and the balls cannot be given or withheld based on religious belief or political affiliation.

We encourage donating to schools and sports for development programs that work with youth in disadvantaged communities.

Please note: One World Futbols raised through campaigns are intended for donations to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities and should not be used for sale.

You submitted your campaign application. Now what?

Our team will review your campaign application. If the information you submitted meets our specifications, we'll launch your campaign. If your application is incomplete, it will take longer to launch. We’ll notify you with more info either way.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Alie, our campaigns captain, at