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Play saves lives. It helps us recover from trauma; cope with challenging situations; and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Donate to refugees today!


Play Brings Us Together

Refugees Who Play: Kiki

"I have lots of friend[s] playing soccer, and I just watch them play and it seems fun, so I tried it this year." — Kiki, The Sanneh Foundation, from Thailand

Refugees Who Play: Chris

"You might see someone that is your soccer player friend, and you may speak the same language while playing soccer, which is a good thing." — Chris, Soccer In The Streets, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Refugee Population by Region

Refugee Population by Region

Refugee Population by Region

Europe: 3.1M
Middle East and Northern Africa: 2.9M
Africa: 3.7M (excluding N. Africa)
Americas: 770K
Asia and Pacific: 3.9M
Other: 7M
TOTAL: 21.3M

*Source UNHCR - UN Refugee Agency

= 500k Refugees

Americas - 770K Refugees

In Minnesota, The Sanneh Foundation runs in-school and after-school support programs for refugee, immigrant and low-income youth. The organization is empowering youth and uniting communities.


Europe - 3.1M Refugees

In Italy, programs run by Muti Onlus focus on social inclusion and provide assistance to refugees and immigrants as they integrate into their new communities. These programs give children a chance to play together and get to know other children, many of whom come from very different backgrounds.


Middle East and Northern Africa - 2.9M Refugees

In northern Jordan, One World Futbols donated in partnership with the Jordan Football Association and the Asian Football Development Project allow children and adults to play within the Zaatari Refugee Camp.


Africa - 3.7M (excluding N. Africa) Refugees

In 2006, a group of Darfuri refugee youth inspired Tim Jahnigen to create our ultra-durable soccer ball. In 2014, Tim and Lisa Tarver visited a refugee camp in Chad, donated One World Futbols and played with those living in the camp.


Asia and Pacific - 3.9M Refugees

Uni Papua uses One World Futbols in Indonesia. In 2015, Uni Papua created the Football4Humanity program on Sumatra in response to the plight of the Rohingya refugees.




Play Together is an initiative to raise balls for organizations working with refugees.

“It’s all about having fun—win or lose.”

9-year-old Nahum Eyasu from Ethiopia shares how he feels when he plays.

“I feel proud when I score.”

Liya Yosef, 10, from Ethiopia enjoys scoring and having fun out on the field.

"It's my career!"

13-year-old Kyaw Lia Ma from Burma has big aspirations when it comes to soccer!

“All it’s about is having fun!”

Samuel, 8, from Ethiopia shares why he likes to play and what play means to him.

“Soccer means to play with friends.”

11-year-old Nahum from Ethiopia shares thoughts on improving skills, making friends and gaining energy.

Soccer connects us

Join Matteo and Robin on their travels through Africa to share donated items with communities, and see what brought Matteo to tears as he lay in his tent one night in Tanzania.

Trek to share soccer

Join Matteo and Robin on their travels through Africa to share donated items with communities, and see what brought Matteo to tears as he lay in his tent one night in Tanzania.

Passion to give

Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Matteo and his friend Robin collected soccer gear for kids in the host country. They were blown away by the support they received.

The world’s language

Soccer breaks down barriers, brings people together and builds friendships. This is the foundation of the Muti Onlus story.

“It is the sport that I love.”

35-year-old Mohamed from Syria tells us about his football idol and why he loves to play.

“Football is good for my body.”

Afghan refugee Habib Ullah shares what football means to him.

“Football helps me collect memories.”

Lea, 23, is from France. During the Football For All Day, she shares how playing football reminds her of her family.

"Football refreshes my mind."

23-year-old Abdullah, from Afghanistan, joined up with Aniko FC for the first time during our visit. See what he enjoyed most.

“I really enjoy to play for long.”

Description: Safiullah, 21, from Pakistan, shares how playing football helps with his training for cricket.

"Football means life for me."

22-year-old Sulaiman Al Maani is from Damascus, Syria. See why football is his life.

What a ball means

New language, new home, new way of doing things. Same ball, same game.

Play for Asylum Seekers

Soccer helps asylum seekers find hope and momentary relief in Italy.

Reintegrating IDPs with play

At 4 years old, Freider and his family fled home. Now he’s resettling through play.

Building a Future

In Colombia, Edrulfo helps IDPs, like himself, find home again.

Part 2: Sport for Social Impact

In South Sudan & Uganda, WPDI teaches youth leadership through play.

Part 1: Youth Leadership

WPDI cultivates peace and development among youth in war-torn countries.

Peace & Unity

Meet Mark Zaza, a refugee from South Sudan and WPDI participant in Uganda.

A Chance for Hope

Emad Rajab Said is one of countless refugees in central Africa. See his story.

Finding Home

In Uganda, WPDI helps refugees like Bankhimoon rebuild their lives.

Helping Refugees in Greece

Refugees from 10+ countries find common ground through soccer.

PART 3: "Soccer is very important."

ISMP hosts its first soccer tournament in Greece—and it’s intense. See why.

Part 2: Refugee Camp Sports

In Ritsona Refugee Camp, sports activities cause a commotion.

“You have more activities to do here.”

Meet Anil, a refugee from Nepal, and hear his story of resettling in Minnesota.

Part 1: Volunteering in Greece

Jason moved abroad to help organize sports and music activities in a refugee camp.

“Every time I play soccer, I feel happy.”

Ayan shares her story of relocating from Ethiopia to the United States.


In Minnesota, The Sanneh Foundation empowers youth to find home in a new place.

“We get to play together.”

In Minnesota, Wehsaw plays an old, familiar game with new friends.

"It is how we all stay as a family."

When he was 1 year old, Joseph moved from Haiti to the U.S. See his story.

"Soccer - it's my everything"

In Minnesota, Sahra finds peace, comfort and friendship in the world’s game.

Fun & Healing through Play

Hermanos en el Camino uses soccer as a therapy tool among migrants.

"Let's Go Check It Out!"

Soccer In The Streets helps Sudanese refugee Abdi make new friends.

Play as a Therapy Activity

In Mexico, Hermanos en el Camino runs innovative therapy sessions for migrants.

Meet Kiki, a Thai refugee

The Sanneh Foundation assists Kiki as she adjusts to life in the U.S.

Opening up through Play

In Mexico, Marbella Gutierrez revolutionizes the way migrants find relief.

"Communication is the most key part."

Meet Chris, a Congolese refugee living near Atlanta, Georgia.


In Italy, refugees, immigrants and locals find common ground with soccer.


Refugees from two Myanmar villages fight desperately. Can play bring them together?


Shegofa’s family had a prejudgement about women, especially Muslim women, in sport.


In refugee camps around the world, children will do anything to play.


In 1978, Pulau Besar leaders discuss ways to make their refugee camp safer.


On the Chad-Sudanese border, thousands of Darfuri refugees are stranded in camps.


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