Grassroot Soccer Series


In 2002, after witnessing the effect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on their friends and community in Zimbabwe, Tommy Clark, Kirk Friedrich and Ethan Zohn started Grassroot Soccer (GRS). They founded GRS with the idea that there must be an engaging way to teach people about HIV/AIDS and general health education.

Their solution was simple: create an organization that uses soccer and soccer players to reach young people and teach them about HIV/AIDS. Soccer, the world’s most popular and most played sport, was and still is an ample tool for attracting and educating people of all ages, particularly youth. Follow the GRS story, and expansion, in the series below.

“The soccer ball is the one essential component of any Grassroot Soccer intervention.” — Christopher Kemp

Tackling Health Education

Since its creation in 2002, GRS has grown beyond Zimbabwe, the African content and HIV/AIDS. See how.

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Sparking Social Change

Meet Chris Mfiki, a GRS project coordinator since 2010. See why he’s proud of the work and impact of GRS in Khayelitsha.

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Meet the Players

The GRS kids tell us about their favorite teams, players and what play means to them. You don’t want to miss this!

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