Medellin Series

In 2014, Jeremie Brillant and friends drove 10,200 miles from California to Brazil for the World Cup. Along the way, they donated 100 One World Futbols to 10 organizations. Three years later, One World Play Project’s Emily Hopcian visited one of the donation sites in Medellin, Colombia, to check on the balls and play with the kids who live there.

Follow along as we take a look back at Jeremie and Emily’s journey. Be sure to come back every Monday to see where Jeremie and his team are driving next. You'll never believe it!

“It’s so impressive to see how much joy can come from a simple ball and a simple game.” — Jeremie

PART 1: The Power of Play

Jeremie and his friends wanted to travel and give back at the same time. So he drove to the World Cup in Brazil and made a few donations along the way.

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PART 2: Welcome to Medellín

Jeremie asked his supporters for advice on where to donate the balls. That's how he found two organizations in Medellin, a Colombian city with a violent past.

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PART 3: Jeremie's stunning documentary

Jeremie chronicled his California to Brazil road trip in a beautifully moving video. Watch as he donates soccer balls and celebrates the joy and excitement of the world's game.

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Part 4: Did the balls survive?

Three years after Jeremie and friends visited Colombia, Emily stopped by the foundation in Medellín to see if the soccer balls were still kicking.

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Part 5: The Next Stop

With the 2018 World Cup on the horizon, Jeremie and friends are making big plans. Think you know where they're headed? Read on.

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