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Chevrolet-Branded One World Futbols Arrive for Children and Youth in Zanzibar


Chevrolet-Branded One World Futbols Arrive for Children and Youth in Zanzibar

20,000 Virtually-Indestructible Balls to Impact More than 340,000 Highly-Vulnerable Girls and Boys

One World Futbol Donation Supports Launch of Campaign Addressing Violence against Children in Zanzibar

Zanzibar—(Media Alert) —January 1, 2013 

WHAT: Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and its partners, including One World Futbol Project, Zanzibar National Sports Council and Save The Children will host a press conference on 1st January 2013 to officially announce the arrival of 20,000 Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols in Zanzibar. The Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols are being donated and distributed by Zanzibar National Sports Council and Save the Children to children in schools and other appropriate organizations as part of a campaign addressing the issues around violence against children in Zanzibar. The campaign will be launched during the commemoration of the 49th Anniversary of Zanzibar Revolution.

WHO: His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council will preside over the function. Honourable ministers and senior officials of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, One World Futbol Project Director for Africa, Save the Children Country Director, and representatives of Development partners, civil society and relevant stake holders will also be in attendance

WHY: Tanzania is the first country in Africa to undertake A National Study on Violence against Children—for the first time measuring all forms of violence (sexual, physical and emotional) amongst girls and boys and giving national estimates of the prevalence of violence.

The findings from the survey indicate that violence against children is a serious problem in Tanzania: nearly 3 in 10 females and approximately 1 in 7 males in Tanzania have experienced sexual violence prior to the age of 18. In addition, almost three-quarters of both females and males have experienced physical violence prior to 18 by an adult or intimate partner and one-quarter have experienced emotional violence by an adult during childhood (i.e., prior to turning 18). Although the rates of sexual violence are lower for Zanzibar (approximately 6% of females and 9% of males), sexual violence against children is still an issue that requires immediate attention. The results of this survey have significant implications for the design and implementation of Tanzanian-specific prevention and response programs to address abuse and violence against children.

The Study undertaken in Zanzibar (ZVACS) revealed that there is a serious problem. Collecting data and information about the prevalence of violence and its magnitude in the islands, the Study’s findings revealed that children of all ages are at risk of abuse and exploitation. Violence against children (VAC), sexual exploitation and abuse is a significant problem and is happening in many different settings in Zanzibar: at home, at school and in communities.

With the ZVACS publication, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar now has the evidence needed to stimulate the action required to address this worrying situation, and has expressed its commitment through the National Plan to Respond to VAC 2011-15. Boldly stating its mission to create a society free from VAC, the National Plan also attempts to probe and understand the underlying causes of the problem in the areas where the most cases have been recorded. There is now an urgent need to seize and sustain the momentum generated by the ZVACS findings. To do this will require a joint effort by Government, NGOs and the media.

ANNOUNCEMENT DETAILS: The campaign to prevent and address violence against children recognizes the need to provide better protection for Zanzibar children from violence at home, in school and in the community—violence that all too often goes unnoticed. It is an important example of co-operation between international organizations and civil society as well as the wide-ranging role played by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

To announce the campaign, Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols are being donated to Zanzibar National Sports Council and Save the Children, who will distribute the virtually-indestructible balls at no cost to 333,167 children in schools in both Pemba and Unguja. Another 8,897 children and youth in rehabilitation centres, orphanage homes, children councils, and community groups will receive the ultra-durable balls as well.

Through the campaign and the collective efforts of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and its partners including: One World Futbol Project, Zanzibar National Sports Council and Save The Children, 342,064 highly-vulnerable girls and boys will have access to equipment and safe and nurturing spaces where they can attend education classes in a protected environment.

The collaborative effort will also ensure that children attending schools have access to other key lifesaving services including health, nutrition, and hygiene, as well as child protection services that identify and protect children from the threats and risks they might face as result of violence and abuse.

“With Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols, we can help rebuild thousands of children’s lives affected by violence and abuse. These balls will serve as the entry point to empower children and to raise awareness on how to prevent abuse and exploitation of children,” said Sharifa Khamis from Zanzibar National Sport Council.