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love.fútbol and One World Futbol Project Celebrate Newest Field and Delivery of Nearly-Indestructible Balls to Children in Pinhais, Paraná


Paraná, Brazil — June 11, 2014 — love.fútbol, a nonprofit providing children in underserved communities with safe places to play soccer, today announced it is working with One World Futbol Project to deliver One World Futbols to the community of Pinhais, Paraná, in the Greater Metropolitan area of Curitiba, Brazil. The community-supported field marks the completion of’s 16th field. The nearly indestructible One World Futbol never needs a pump and never deflates–even when punctured multiple times—making it ideal for play in all types of terrain and harsh environments.

Around the world, young people are denied the positive impact of sports as they lack safe playing grounds in their communities. love.fútbol is an organization that mobilizes and empowers disadvantaged communities to plan, build and manage their own community football pitch. The organization provides guidance, finances raw materials and mobilizes local resources while putting the ownership of the entire process into the hands of the community to ensure the sustainability of the project.

One World Futbol Project and love.fútbol recognize the transformative power of football for personal as well as community development, and through this collaboration we are enabling sustainable play for youth and families living in Pinhais, Paraná, Brazil. Since 2009, love.fútbol has worked in partnership with One World Futbol Project to provide indestructible soccer balls to communities in Guatemala and Brazil. The One World Futbols will be distributed to communities in Brazil including Itaquera (São Paulo) and Greater Metropolitan Curitiba, where soccer fields are being completed prior to start of the world’s biggest soccer tournament.

“love.fútbol and One World Futbol identify with each other as we both provide the most basic tools to play the world’s most simple game – a place and a ball. There’s always existed a natural synergy of our shared values and ideals. We believe that the access to play is part of a foundation to a positive and productive life and want to spread that around the world,” said Manoel Silva, Executive Director love.fútbol.

“The completion of the love.fútbol field and the delivery of One World Futbols mark the beginning of long-term sustainable play,” said Mônica Panachão, Brazil Director, One World Futbol Project. “For many of these children, being able to play with a football is one of the only outlets they may have for a moment of joy and hope to imagine something better for themselves. We believe that play is a necessity of life—children need to play to learn and grow. Together with love.fútbol, we envision a world where every child will have an opportunity to play.

One World Futbol Project brings the healing power of play to youth worldwide by making, selling and distributing the One World Futbol, a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump, never goes flat, and is designed to survive the harshest environments. Collaborating with sponsors, organizations and individuals, One World Futbol Project delivers balls to disadvantaged communities where play and sport are used to foster social change.

In May 2012, Chevrolet became the founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, pledging to donate and support distribution of at least 1.5 million Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols worldwide over three years. The balls will be used in programs that provide education, teach essential life skills and encourage conflict resolution to youth living in disadvantaged areas.

To date, the One World Futbol has reached 170 countries through One World Futbol Project’s growing global network of organizations, bringing the healing power of play to an estimated 26 million youth worldwide.