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One World Futbol Project Debuts Three New Pop Colors to Brighten Up Your Holiday Gift Giving


Make a Purchase with a Purpose This Holiday Season with The One World Futbol–Buy One, Give One or Just Give Balls

Berkeley,  CA—October 15, 2014—This holiday season, give a gift that will last—and help bring the transformative power of play to children and youth in disadvantaged communities around the globe. A unique gift that also gives back, the One World Futbol is the world’s most durable soccer ball that never needs a pump and never deflates—even when punctured—making it ideal for play in all types of terrain.

Purchase with a Purpose
The One World Futbol is available online at through a Buy One, Give One model. For every One World Futbol purchased, a second one is given to an organization using sport and play to work with youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Designed to outlast any other inflated ball available today, the One World Futbol is playable on all terrains—from beaches to backyards, grass fields to concrete lots. The ultra-durable nature of the One World Futbol also makes it ideal for use in harsh environments such as disaster areas, refugee camps, conflict zones and other disadvantaged communities where a traditional inflated ball doesn’t last.

The One World Futbol is the same size and weight as a traditional soccer ball and has similar playing characteristics (with slightly lower bounce). Because it never needs a pump and never goes flat, the One World Futbol eliminates the need to constantly replace discarded flat balls—saving precious time and money.

More Color, #MorePlay

More Colors, #MorePlay.  Photo credit: One World Futbol Project, 2014.

Just in time for the 2014 holiday season, the One World Futbol is available in three new “pop” colors—green, orange and pink—in addition to the original blue One World Futbol. The new colors are available for purchase for $44.50 (not including shipping). And, for a limited time, all purchases of a new, pop color One World Futbol will include a One World Futbol Project sackpack, free of charge, while supplies last.

In addition, the original blue One World Futbol is also available for $39.50 (not including shipping). All colors come in both an adult size 5 as well as a youth size 4.

“Play doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, so we wanted to expand our offering of ultra-durable balls with a range of new high visibility colors that enable play longer into the evening hours,” said Camilo Velasquez, director, product development, One World Futbol Project.   “We are committed to delivering innovative products and services that support our mission to bring the transformative power of play to people everywhere.”

Video: More Color, #MorePlay: The New One World Futbol Colors

Inspired by Refugee Youth, Supported by Sting—Made by One World Futbol Project
“One World Futbol Project is inspiring children to realize their own potential through this nearly indestructible ball. It’s a simple idea, but it makes all the difference in the world,” said world-renowned entertainer Sting.

The One World Futbol is made by One World Futbol Project, a B Corporation with a mission to make a meaningful impact by bringing the transformative power of play to youth around the world.

The One World Futbol began with a spark of inspiration in 2006 when inventor Tim Jahnigen was watching news footage about refugee youth in Darfur playing soccer using a ball made from trash tied together with twine. In that instant, Jahnigen realized these kids had such strong, indestructible spirits that they deserved a ball that would allow them to play as long as their hearts desired. He realized there was a global need for a ball that could withstand the harsh conditions often faced by youth living in refugee camps, disaster areas and other disadvantaged communities. With that spark of inspiration, the idea for the One World Futbol was born.

The design was merely a concept until Jahnigen shared his idea with world-renowned entertainer Sting, who became a supporter on the spot, funding the ball’s R&D. In 2010, Jahnigen founded One World Futbol Project with his wife, Lisa Tarver, to make, sell and distribute the One World Futbol. In recognition of Sting’s early support, the ball and the Company are named after Sting’s song, “One World (Not Three).”

In addition to the Buy One, Give One option, individuals can also choose to just “Give Balls” if they don’t need a One World Futbol for themselves (or as a gift) but want to buy balls to support One World Futbol Project partner organizations working in disadvantaged communities around the world.

About One World Futbol Project

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