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One World Futbol Project Debuts World’s First Ultra-Durable, All-Terrain Soccer Ball


Socially-Responsible Company Makes It Possible for Anyone, Anywhere to Play Soccer with a Ball that Matches the Endurance of the Sport

With “Buy One Give One” Model, Company Donates One Ball to a Community in Need for Every Ball Purchased Online

Napa, CA—July 8, 2010—While the World Cup finals continue to captivate millions of global soccer fans, a new, socially-responsible business is working to bring the joy of playing soccer to anyone, anywhere through a unique soccer ball that never deflates and plays on any surface. Today, the One World Futbol Project ( debuted the One World Futbol, the world’s first, ultra-durable, all-terrain soccer ball. The ball is ideal for recreational use and practice anywhere.

Recognizing the global need for a resilient soccer ball that could play under any conditions, the One World Futbol Project is selling the new ball online through a ‚Buy One Give One‛ model. For every ball bought at retail (U.S. $39.50), the One World Futbol Project is committed to donating a second ball to a non-governmental organization working with people who live in harsh environments around the world, including refugee camps, UN hot spots, conflict zones, inner cities, and poor communities worldwide.

The One World Futbol is available through the One World Futbol Project website ( It may also be purchased in large quantities by institutions at favorable rates, with larger discounts for nonprofit organizations.

“We are part of a growing trend of socially-responsible companies that are looking for ways to help global communities while at the same time operating a sustainable business,‛ said Tim Jahnigen, inventor of the One World Futbol, and co-founder of the One World Futbol Project. ‚Our ‘Buy One Give One’ model, combined with the ultra-durable nature of the ball, enables individuals to help liberate soccer from the confines of a designated playing field—and give everyone the opportunity to play with a ball that matches the endurance of the sport.”

Traditional soccer balls puncture easily and require frequent inflation with a pump and needle, which are often broken or lost. Parents of soccer players in the United States are familiar with the challenge and cost of purchasing new soccer balls to replace ones that are punctured or deflated. In poorer communities, soccer is often played in harsh environments on dirt lots, rocky fields, and concrete—places where a traditional soccer ball is unable to endure the conditions for long. The short-life span of standard balls and the expense of replacing them mean young people in poor communities are often left to play soccer with makeshift balls made of rocks, trash, string, or rags. The One World Futbol plays well on any surface, even when punctured. The ball never needs to be inflated, eliminating the need for pumps and needles.

From Inspiration to Reality

In 2005, while watching CNN at home one evening, co-founder Tim Jahnigen saw footage of young Darfur refugees engrossed in a game of ‚soccer‛ under the hot sun. The ‚ball‛ was a sphere made of trash tied up with twine, and the ‚field‛ was a patch of dirt and rocks with barbed wire for boundaries. At that moment, Jahnigen was inspired to design a durable soccer ball that could be used anywhere without becoming worn, waterlogged, or deflated due to a lack of pump and needle.

The design was merely a concept until Tim shared his idea with world-renowned entertainer Sting, who became a supporter and funded the ball’s research and development. In recognition of Sting’s early support, the ball and company are named after Sting’s song, “One World”.

“When Tim came to me with his idea for a football [soccer ball] that could be played on any surface and would never need a pump and never go flat, I immediately thought of all the millions of children and young people who could use the ball in refugee camps, conflict zones, and poor communities all over the world. I’m proud to have played a part in starting the One World Futbol Project,‛ said Sting. ‚I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Project by taking advantage of the ‘Buy One, Give One’ offer, or making a donation to the One World Futbol Project Foundation.”

The One World Futbol Project consists of two entities: a for-profit company and a nonprofit foundation. The company sells the One World Futbol to individual consumers through a ‚Buy One Give One‛ model—and wholesale directly to institutions. The One World Futbol Project Foundation distributes balls through non- governmental organizations serving communities in need in harsh environments around the world.

The World’s Most Durable Soccer Ball

Designed to be the most durable soccer ball in the world, the One World Futbol is ideal for recreational use and practice. It is competitive in price with standard soccer balls. The One World Futbol is substantially cheaper than the official World Cup editions (~ U.S. $150) and even slightly cheaper than World Cup replicas (~ U.S. $50). Key benefits of the ball:

  • Ultra-durable—never needs to be inflated and will continue to play even when punctured.
  • All-terrain—plays well on any surface indoors or out, including grass, concrete, blacktop, sand, dirt, rocks, and artificial turf.
  • Cost-effective—never deflates and is ultra-durable, reducing need for replacement balls and inevitable waste that comes with easily punctured and deflated traditional, soccer balls; does not require pump or needles, eliminating costs and hassle of additional equipment.
  • Uniquely-designed—created using proprietary designs, material, and processes which allow adjustment for variations in altitude, temperature, or other external conditions; retains the rebound characteristics of a traditional ball without ever having to be inflated.

“Where I come from, one nail, a barbed wire fence, and it was game over right then and there. I wish we had a ball like this when I was growing up.” —Desi Touré, SF Vikings (NorCal Athletics 8v8 Men’s League), originally from the Côte d’Ivoire, now living in Oakland, CA.