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One World Futbol Project Named Global Champion of the Designed to Move Initiative


Recognized for Its Innovative Solution in Bringing the Power of Play to Youth around the World through Nearly Indestructible Soccer Balls

Berkeley,  CA–December 12, 2013–One World Futbol Project is pleased to announce that the company has become a Global Champion of Designed to Move, an initiative of more than 70 organizations including: NIKE, the American Academy of Pediatrics, healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente, National Football League – Play 60, the Premier League, and many other notable organizations. Together the participating organizations are leading a movement to end the physical inactivity epidemic. One World Futbol Project was invited to become part of this initiative in recognition of the innovative solutions and approach the company is using to help bring the power of play and activity to youth living in difficult situations—refugee camps, disaster areas, conflict zones and other harsh environments around the world.

Related news: One World Futbol Project is also among the Designed to Move Champions in Brazil who are committed to ending the physical inactivity crisis by leveraging the framework of the initiative. (December 9, 2013)

One World Futbol Project’s mission is to bring the healing power of play to youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide through the One World Futbol—a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured. Unlike a traditional inflated ball, the One World Futbol will last for years in the harshest play environments, enabling sustainable play for the first time for millions of youth around the world.

“We know how critical play is for children—children that play are happier, healthier, more socially adept and smarter. Play can help heal and rebuild communities devastated by disaster and disease, war and poverty, and can enable optimism, hope and opportunity where none exist. Through the simple power of our nearly indestructible ball, we are helping to ignite the potential within each child. We are excited to be part of the Designed to Move global movement and join with others to ensure play is an important and daily component of every child’s life, no matter what their circumstances,” said Neill Duffy, Chief Catalyst, One World Futbol Project.

“This announcement is part of Nike’s long-term global commitment to help children lead more physically active lives, both now and in the future,” said Nike President and CEO Mark Parker.

One World Futbol Project sells the One World Futbol online through a “Buy One, Give One” model. For every ball purchased at retail, One World Futbol Project gives a second ball to organizations using sport and play to support peace and development programs in disadvantaged communities worldwide. The company also offers a “Give Balls” option, enabling people who don’t need a One World Futbol for themselves to buy balls to give to One World Futbol Project’s growing global network of partner organizations. One World Futbol Project also partners with like-minded corporate brands wanting to align their brands with the Power of Play as part of their stakeholder engagement and brand building activities.

Like One World Futbol Project, all of the partners who have been invited to participate are united by a Framework for Action called Designed to Move, which is gaining significant attention from a community of public, private and civil sector organizations dedicated to ending the epidemic of physical inactivity.

In 2010, NIKE initiated a process with more than 70 organizations to better understand the underlying issues related to physical inactivity and help consolidate the facts and findings on the topic. The result was Designed to Move, which details the global epidemic of physical inactivity and how organizations can join the effort. The two key strategies to achieve this Framework are:

  • Create early, positive experiences for kids in sports, physical education and active play – because active kids become active adults.
  • Integrate physical activity into everyday life — move more overall.

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