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One World Futbol Project Partners with Fulfillment Company RHIEM Group for Distribution of Innovative Nearly Indestructible Ball in Europe, Africa and the Middle East


New European Distribution Center in Voerde, Germany Streamlines Purchasing and Shipping of Retail and Donated Balls

Berkeley, CA–January 14, 2014–One World Futbol Project today announced the addition of its European distribution center and a partnership with RHIEM Group, the e-commerce and fulfillment specialist based in Voerde near Düsseldorf, Germany. (Read related release from RHIEM GROUP.) With this partnership, One World Futbol Project, a socially conscious B corporation, is making it easier than ever for consumers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East to purchase the nearly indestructible One World Futbol—and, at the same time, to donate balls to organizations working with youth living in refugee camps, disaster areas, conflict zones and other harsh environments.

“We unveiled the One World Futbol in July 2010, and over the past three years, retail sales have increased more than 400 percent. We want to better service our growing base of customers in Europe, Africa and throughout the Middle East,” said Arnold Ambiel, chief operating officer, One World Futbol Project. “We chose RHIEM Group as our partner in Europe because of their ability to enable a unique business like ours to establish a European footprint quickly and cost effectively. Working with RHIEM helps ensure that we have a complete, one-stop e-commerce solution that will support our mission to reach the most vulnerable members of society—our children—and ignite their potential through the power of play.”

To date, One World Futbol Project has shipped more than 700,000 One World Futbols across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, enabling sustainable play for an estimated 21 million youth worldwide. RHIEM Group is providing comprehensive fulfillment services for One World Futbol Project to countries outside the Western Hemisphere. The distribution center is the first step in the global expansion of One World Futbol Project’s distribution capabilities.

Flat-Rate Shipping across the EU

Through the new European distribution center, One World Futbol Project is offering a flat-rate shipping cost of 9,95 € for all “Buy One, Give One” purchases (39,00 €) shipped within the EU (European Union). Similar to the U.S., for every ball purchased at retail, One World Futbol Project gives a second ball to organizations using sport and play to support peace and development programs in disadvantaged communities worldwide. Shipping rates will vary for countries outside the EU.

European consumers also have the option to gift balls for 23,00 € per ball to one of One World Futbol Project’s partner organizations—there are no shipping costs to customers associated with this “Give Balls” option.

One World Futbol Project brings the healing power of play to youth around the world through the One World Futbol. The company believes that play is a necessity of life—children need to play in order to learn and grow. Play helps heal and rebuild communities devastated by war, disaster, disease and poverty. For the majority of locations where children will play with the One World Futbols, the terrain is extremely rugged. Unlike a traditional inflated ball, the One World Futbol will last for years in the harshest play environments, enabling sustainable play for the first time for millions of youth around the world.