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One World Futbol Project’s Zoo Pilot Program Unveiled


Berkeley, CA – May 30, 2013 – In celebration of National Zoo and Aquarium Month (June 2013), One World Futbol Project today announced its pilot program designed for zoos, aquariums and other urban wildlife park systems. Through the inaugural program, 10 participating organizations are now using One World Futbols – the world’s first nearly indestructible ball designed specifically for use in the harshest environments – as part of their animal enrichment programs.

The program is free to join and open to additional animal enrichment programs on a first-come, first-served basis. A limited number of One World Futbol “seconds” (balls not up to One World Futbol Project’s quality standards for retail) are available at no cost in quantities of 10-60 balls to interested zoos, aquariums, animal parks, rescue organizations and animal enrichment programs. The One World Futbol is unique because it will not pop or deflate, even if punctured multiple times by thorns, barbed wire, glass, a bird’s beak, cat’s claws or a lion’s teeth.

With the donation of One World Futbols, One World Futbol Project is sharing the joy of sustainable play with animal enrichment programs around the globe. At the same time, zoos can further their mission of sustainability by reducing the need to constantly source and replace balls.

When One World Futbol Project launched at the World Cup in July 2010, the company also conducted a preliminary test at the Johannesburg Zoo with Triton the Lion and found that the One World Futbol was also ideal for animal habitat enrichment programs. In order to get Triton to exercise, it would sometimes take as many as six regular soccer balls for Triton to play for 30 minutes because his sharp claws and teeth would ruin a regular ball within minutes. With the One World Futbol, Triton ended up playing for almost an hour and was so tired that he just laid down and kept the ball curled up in his paw. Almost three years later, Triton is still playing with those same two One World Futbols. Those two balls saved the Johannesburg Zoo from having to buy an estimated 3,000 balls. Triton versus One World Futbol.

Participants in the pilot program include: Zoo Atlanta, Blank Park Zoo (Iowa), Brookfield Zoo (Illinois), Central Florida Animal Reserve (Florida), Honolulu Zoo (Hawaii), Johannesburg Zoo (South Africa), Louisville Zoo (Kentucky), Oakland Zoo (California), and Toronto Zoo (Canada).