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Who Were Some Of The Remarkable Leaders Of 2014?


Real Leaders

2014 was a great year for Real Leaders. We grew our influence beyond our 22,000 magazine subscriber base and aligned ourselves with more than 25 global leadership conferences around the world. We engaged with more than 25,000 like-minded people on social media and our magazine arrived at addresses in 125 countries. While the numbers are important, so too are the inspirational people we encountered along the way – individuals who have shown that it's possible to grow a business while simultaneously creating positive social change. We've compiled a few highlights below and hope you'll join us in 2015 to celebrate more remarkable real leaders!

The balls to make a difference!
Sometimes a soccer ball is more than just a ball. Sometimes, it’s a lifesaver. Sting teamed up with Tim Jahnigen from One World Futbol to create an indestructible football for kids in impoverished areas – where most football's typically last a few hours.

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