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San Francisco Giant Jeremy Affeldt, Generation Alive, and One World Futbol Project Partner to Give Children the Opportunity to Play


Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt Launches One World Futbol Challenge Matching Campaign

Berkeley, CA—October 19, 2011—As the regular season in Major League Baseball comes to a close, one San Francisco Giant is spearheading efforts to give children in challenging circumstances at home and abroad the opportunity to play.  Today, the One World Futbol Project ( announced a partnership with Generation Alive (, founded by San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, to distribute the One World Futbol to organizations working with disadvantaged youth.

Generation Alive—Teaching Kids to Help Kids

By joining with the One World Futbol Project, Generation Alive is furthering their mission to move young people to make a difference in the lives of marginalized youth around the world. Generation Alive will use the One World Futbol, the world’s first multi-sport and recreation ball that never deflates and plays on any surface, in two ways:

1) Donating directly to youth living in orphanages in Southern Ethiopia served by Generation Alive.

2) Encouraging local youth to get involved and raise funds to purchase balls to distribute to organizations working with less fortunate children.  Generation Alive will incorporate One World Futbols into education and fundraising programs conducted with youth groups, soccer leagues, schools and community groups in the Spokane, Washington area.

“Generation Alive believes every child should play, deserves to play and should have the opportunity to do so,” said Jeremy Affeldt.  “Just as food, shelter and medicine help heal and nourish the body, play and sports help build the body—and heal and nourish the soul. Working with the One World Futbol Project allows us to teach youth the importance of bringing the joy of play to kids living in extreme circumstances – both here and abroad.  This partnership enables us to join together to improve and empower the well-being of children and youth and help them realize their dreams.”

Meet Jeremy Affeldt’s Challenge

Starting October 18, Affeldt is also launching “The One World Futbol Challenge,” an eight-week matching campaign to help generate additional balls for youth in Southern Ethiopia served by the orphanages run by Generation Alive. Through December 18, for every ball purchased for Generation Alive, Affeldt will match the purchase with another One World Futbol (up to $2,500).  The balls generated through the challenge will go to Southern Ethiopia in a container as part of the “Something to Eat” initiative conducted by Generation Alive partner, Youthfront—a non-profit organization committed to creating holistic, innovative, missional environments for youth.

Get Involved and Help Youth in Need

Through the One World Futbol Project’s retail “Buy One, Give One” model, individuals can support Generation Alive’s efforts by going to  and:

  • Purchasing a One World Futbol ($39.50 + shipping) for themselves or as a gift.  A second ball will be donated to Generation Alive’s Southern Ethiopian project.
  • Donating a single ball to the cause through the “Give One” option.

During on-line check out, consumers will need to select “Generation Alive” from the pull-down options to ensure that their purchase goes towards Generation Alive’s campaign.

“The One World Futbol Project is focused on making a positive impact by bringing the joy of soccer and play to kids around the world,” said Tim Jahnigen, inventor and co-founder, One World Futbol.  “We know first-hand how important play is to children, and we also know that when play is missing, other opportunities for healthy development disappear as a result. Jeremy Affeldt is someone who knows and lives the power of play and believes each of us has the power to effect a positive change in our world.  We are proud to work with Jeremy and his team.”