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#AllGirlsCanPlay Story: Meet Linda


Every year, girls in Cambodia are forced into marriage. Through soccer, Linda found the courage to speak up, change her future and show her parents the transformative power of play.

In May 2015, we shared Linda’s courageous and inspiring story and her affiliation with Mighty Girls in Cambodia. This story was part of our advocacy and play initiative to raise awareness about the discrimination girls face worldwide and how they meet those challenges using the power of play.

We touched base with Linda in December 2016 to see where she is now.

“Now I am working at SALT Academy as Mighty Girls’ assistant program manager, which focuses on education, vocational training, safe environment and mentoring leadership skills. I am in my second year in the college. I study on the weekend.

What I’m proud of most in the past year is that I was the beneficiary from the Mighty Girls’ program and now I am a staff member as a leader. I have the opportunity to work with 25 vulnerable girls who face similar issues to the ones I was facing. We encourage and help them to be leaders.

What I enjoyed the most was I went to a conference in Denmark alone, and I was one of the speakers in the conference, talking about my background.

This video is of Linda speaking in Singapore.

Through soccer, my life has completely changed and is amazing. If I look back to the past who I was when I was 15, I never thought I would be who am I right now. Nowadays, because of soccer, I have plenty of opportunities, such as getting a good education, being able to study at university, being able to access education for a career and traveling to 11 countries around the world. This has opened my eyes to see and learn new things.”

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