Don't need a ball for yourself? Give One World Futbols

Don't need a ball for yourself? Just give!

We developed a ball that would work anywhere in the world. The ball is tough enough for the roughest landscapes and durable enough to last for years of play. Would you like to donate a One World Futbol? Well, you’re in the right place. We take all the balls donated and distribute them through our Partner Giving Network.


Get Your Donation Certificate Here!

First off, if you purchased a Give Ball you’re awesome! Download this printable ball donation certificate so you can fill it out and present it to that special someone.


** Two things to note:
1- Giving a ball is not a tax-deductible donation. Click here if you’d like to give a tax-deductible monetary donation.
2- You cannot direct this give ball to an organization that is not affiliated with One World Play Project. If you’d like to direct a ball you must buy one and have it shipped directly to them.

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Make a difference & share play with those who need it most.

Price: $28


For refugees living in exile, play builds community, creates joy, and promotes hope and optimism. Your donation allows us to give balls to refugee organizations around the world.


Whether its floods in Houston, hurricanes in Puerto Rico or wildfires in California, we are always looking for ways to deliver balls to organizations working in affected areas.


We partner with organizations who use sports to teach skills that are transferable to the workplace and life. Play can help shift attitudes toward social norms and gender equality.