Stories about Buying Balls in Bulk


Since One World Play Project started, 2.2 million balls have been donated to kids and communities in need. According to our estimation, those balls have affected the lives of more than 60 million people. We could not have done this without the incredible dedication displayed by our supporters. We’ve compiled a few of their stories about what they did after buying balls in bulk. We hope they inspire you just as they inspire us! And when you're ready, you can get a price quote on your bulk purchase.

"Here are people often living in really tough conditions, and while they're playing, they're completely uplifted... that's what play does." —John Heymann, CEO of One World Play Project

A mission trip to Honduras

"Some of the “student missioners” challenged the Santa Teresa de Jesus Escuela students to a soccer game. The kids, both American and Honduran, had a great time playing soccer and interacting.”
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Perfect for the playground

"For schools looking for playground equipment, people like the idea of a soccer ball that needs no repair. The One World Futbol ensures kids will enjoy program continuity and uninterrupted play for years.”
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Connect with locals

"These ultra-durable soccer balls are a prized and well-loved possession—for those who receive them and those who share them with others. The balls make a great tool for connecting with locals."
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Donating to schools in Africa

"Ordinary soccer balls don’t last, and the school was in dire need of sports equipment. The students and teachers were beyond thrilled to receive the balls. They’d never seen anything like them.”
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Your business can have an impact

“The kids gathered around with wonderment. They received a brief intro, and then, the ball was released. The kids went nuts! Everyone chased and kicked the ball through the field of grazing cows.”
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Teacher inspires second graders to give

"After returning from a Retouch trip to Kenya and heading back into the classroom, I saw my two worlds collide in the best, most beautiful way as I shared my travel experience with my students."
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Kids bring power to play to Peru

"The ball meant so much to them. The whole time we were there, they were just kicking the ball around and laughing... To have given them a gift they loved just made the experience even better.”
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