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The Cricket Ball

The One World Cricket Ball is designed to allow young people to play cricket safer and longer than conventional cricket balls.

Around the world, young people often do not have access to wind balls, tape balls and cricket balls, leading them to create makeshift cheap “street” balls with the little money they have. The innovative and ultra-durable One World Play Project cricket balls offer a safer and longer cricket experience for disadvantaged youth around the world.

One World Cricket Ball benefits


    Our ball is designed to last longer and allow for more consistent play than other street balls on the market. Made from a proprietary formula of cross-linked, closed cell foam, kids can play longer and save money.



    Our ball’s unique weight and density allows all children to play without safety equipment. The ball’s waterproof and non toxic properties allow the ball to create a fun, safe and hygienic experience.



    Allowing young people to play for longer is a key to the One World Play Project mission. Combining safety and visibility factors within a ball, the ball can allow people of all ages to play together safely bringing people together to enjoy and learn from life.



    With its bright orange appearance, the ball is perfectly suited for finding balls in grass, sand or on areas of rubble.



One World Play Project is currently seeking Corporate Partners to sponsor One World Cricket Ball donations. We donate to NGOs that use cricket to better the lives of youth living in disadvantaged communities. If you have questions or would like to purchase the One World Cricket Ball (bulk sales coming soon), please contact us for more information.

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