The Ball

The One World Futbol™

Our flagship product, the One World Futbol, is an ultra-durable ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured. It’s designed to withstand the toughest playing conditions in the world and is still perfect for your backyard, the beach or local field.

The unpoppable One World Futbol can survive being run over by a car, punctured with barbed wire, thorns, rocks or anything else you can think of and will still play on long after ordinary soccer balls have failed. It’s the perfect ball for street soccer, pickup games and practice.

The One World Futbol is available for purchase in bulk quantities of 2200 balls or more. Learn more on our bulk purchase page.


Available in blue size 5 (regulation) and size 4 (youth soccer and futsal)

Manufactured from non-toxic, ultra-durable material

Perfect for any playing surface from pristine fields to the toughest landscapes


The youth size 4 One World Futbol: weight 12oz/342g; diameter 8.25in/204mm

The adult size 5 One World Futbol: weight 15oz/426g; diameter 8.75in/221mm