Our Story

It started with a simple concept: A ball

We originally developed the unpoppable One World Futbol as a solution for youth living in harsh conditions where ordinary soccer balls don’t last long. Without access to a usable soccer ball, kids will just make balls out of trash or whatever is available in order to keep playing. So we created the One World Futbol, an unpoppable, ultra-durable ball that can withstand the toughest environments, where the majority of the world’s youth play.

As we made the first donations and deliveries of One World Futbols, it became clear how transformative and powerful play is—not just for the millions of youth living in poverty, but for all of us, regardless of geography or culture.

Where Play Happens, Change Happens®

Research shows that play is critical to the healthy physical, social and emotional development of children. Play helps individuals recover from trauma and enables hope, optimism and opportunity. It has the power to build community and bring moments of much needed joy and relief to youth living in challenging circumstances.

Today, we’ve delivered more than 2 million One World Futbols in 185 countries across North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We’ve worked alongside individuals, communities, organizations, NGOs, government offices and corporate partners to give ultra-durable soccer balls and bring play to more than 60 million youth and adults worldwide.